• Ozeri BBQ and Grill Utensil Holder Mat
  • Made of food-grade, heat-resistant, non-slip silicone, and measures 18.1" x 12.1".
  • Protects BBQ countertops from damaging spills and hot utensils.
  • Utensil holder includes 4 purpose-designed slots that keep BBQ utensils elevated.
  • Designed with raised edges to catch and contain drips or spills.
  • BPA-free, odor-free, and dishwasher-safe, with corner holes for easy-hanging.
Product Dimensions : 18.1" x 12.1". inches
Item Weight :
Item model number : BQM1-BK
Set of 1

Product Description

Purposely designed for BBQ and grill chefs, the Ozeri BBQ and Grill Utensil Holder Mat protects BBQ countertops from spills and hot utensils, while at the same time providing a convenient holder for utensils and anything needed right next to the grill action. Durably made, the Ozeri Utensil Holder Mat includes 4 slots for the most commonly used BBQ utensils. These slots ensure your BBQ utensils stay elevated and free of cross contamination, while protecting the countertops from stains and damage. The Ozeri Utensil Holder Mat also features a raised lip around the edges to prevent drips and hot oils from spilling over onto countertops. Made of food-grade, heat-resistant, non-slip silicone, the BPA-free and odor-free Ozeri Utensil Holder Mat cleans easily after grilling and is dishwasher-safe. For easy storage, the Utensil Holder Mat can be rolled or is easily hung from the convenient corner holes. Mat measures 18.1" x 12.1". Note, this product is not a grill mat. Do not place directly on the grill. Utensils shown in photos are for visualization only, and are not included.